Wealth and Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives, and other vehicles for avoiding probate and distributing your assets with minimal time delay or tax obligations. Discover how to use your wealth to build character in your heirs.Click for more information.

Contract/Agreement Law

Contract Drafting, Business Formation, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Lease Agreements, Employment Agreements etc., the firm is at its best when it is dealing with the small print.  Wes Winsor Law prides itself in making the agreement fit the purpose and cutting out unneeded fluff. Click Here for more on Contracts.

Negotiation & Mediation

Wes is a seasoned negotiator.  Whether  it is with the IRS for past taxes due, deficiency foreclosure actions, the price of a new/used car, terms of a real estate contract, or anything else in between.  Click for more information.