Trouble in Far-Far Away

Coincidentally or not, when I visited Mr. Visser’s class on constitution day the Kingdom of Far-Far-Away was in an upheaval over the trial the century. Cinderella’s Step Sisters finally had to face the music for their alleged mistreatment of Cinderella.

picture of trial of step-sisters

It all started when the prince, heard of the abuse and charged the stepsisters with, “being mean” which was punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment in the dungeons.

However the kingdom in far, far away are not savages, they held Court on this issue and I was selected to be the judge and the fair-minded students in Mr. Visser’s class elected to be jurors, defense attorneys, and the prosecution.

Ultimately, the jury found the stepsisters “not-guilty” of being mean and when pressed for the reason of their verdict, they said that it was when the Prince was forced to admit that he didn’t actually see the Step-sisters being mean to Cinderlla then they had reasonable doubt.

Other notable utterances during the trial was when the prosecution asked the Prince whether or not he thought Cinderella was “cute” and the Judge had to remind him he was under oath. Pure pandemonium broke out and it took several minutes for me to restore order after the Prince went bright red and failed to deny.

It was a great experience and I appreciate Mr. Visser and his class for allowing me to come in.

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