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What Went Wrong?

Recently I received an email from a client asking me what went wrong in her parent’s estate plan so as to make it so that they had to go through probate. She asked, “isn’t the purpose of getting a trust

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Don’t Take Estate Planning Advice from Justice Burger

Every now and again I come across surprising and amusing events in estate planning. I felt this one was worthy enough to share. The honored and revered Chief Justice Burger (1907-1995) who drafted and ruled on the famous cases such

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3 Advantages that Family Businesses Start with over Traditional Businesses

Family businesses can provide many benefits to the family as well as society. Many people preach that mixing family and business is a sure recipe for disaster and estrangement, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three

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What will really happen to my estate if I die without a will or a Trust?

Ok, for all of you out there who do not have an estate plan, I have put together a brief video explaining what will happen to your estate if you die without having first planned by getting a trust or

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Probate Court Explained

Probate Court is talked about by every estate planning attorney.  I do not think that it gets explained very well though.  Watch this video for brief, yet simple explanation. This video will answer, what probate court is, how long does

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Building an Empire Part 2 – Start with Your Assets

              What are your assets?  Most people think of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, land, and businesses when they think of assets.  They would be right, they are assets, but those are not the only

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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning I like to think of Legacy planning, like a way to not only make your Mark on future generations, but also incentivize and empower them.  I think that we have all seen examples of those who have inherited

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