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How Not To Draft Contracts

Recently, a client wanted me to look over a “right to cancel” clause for the installation of energy saving feature for his home. My client is a smart person and typically doesn’t have any problems in reading/understanding contracts or “legalese”.

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It Sounds Good, But is it Enforceable?

The other day I was helping someone move. We arrived with the moving truck, and met the Landlord at the residence. The Landlord then proceeded to go over the terms of the lease along with the idiosyncrasies of the house.

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4 Elements of a Contract

Here in St George, UT contracts are often made with a wink and a smile over lunch at Judds Store, more formal than that would be a firm handshake at the Pizza Factory,  even better would be something in writing

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Top 3 Terms to Look at Before Signing a Lease

For those of you who are over 18 and have never rented or had to sign a lease, you are extremely lucky or are still living with your parents.  If you are still living with your parents, they may be

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