Mediation and Negotiation

Negotiation/Mediation has become near obsession for Wes Winsor. His skill and interests where sharpened through negotiation and mediation training at BYU. Since then, he has advanced his technique and experience. He believes that everything is negotiable. He has even attempted to negotiate products sold at Walmart.

In his professional life, he has helped clients negotiate with the IRS for past taxes, with creditors on the debtor’s behalf, and settlements between service companies and consumers. Wes believes in establishing a rapport with the other side and remaining professional at all times during the negotiation. He believes that the only things that limit a deal to be made is the creativity and open-mindedness of the individual parties.

Whether you are buying a car, negotiating a business contract, dealing with creditors or debtors, negotiating real estate purchases, or settling personal disputes, feel free to contact Wes for a free consultation and strategy session.

To improve your negotiating skills, see the brief video below learn what your  BATNA is and how to improve it.

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